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Late Year Home Sales | Should you list your home for sale now? November 2022

Home Sales | Why Sell In The Late Months Of The Year

As with most things in life, home sales tends to be a thing people get more into during the Spring and Summer months when you can guarantee the weather will be warm and not produce aesthetic, sometimes even practical, problems like piles of leaves all over the porch, yard and gutters, or snow or slippery steps in addition to the home shopping conditions not being ideal for most during the coldest times of the year. Even before it gets truly cold for the East Tennessee Smokies, many like to wait until March to start listing their properties for sale due to the holiday months taking up so much time and energy, and after-holiday business and rest taking up the months after that.

It makes quite a bit of sense, but as our blog title has indicated, we are interested in making the end months of the year a much more attractive part of the calendar to consider selling your Smoky Mountain home in for those wanting to sell. November and December offer some advantages for the right buyers that get swept under the holiday rug, but in this article, we will indeed pull that rug out and re-discover them!

1. Less Competition
As we stated above, most people interested in selling their homes wait until Spring or as early as the start of the new year to list their homes instead of November and December, that means your property isn’t fighting for attention from as many other potential choices. This is an advantage as buyer interest in properties, countrywide and definitely here in the Smokies, is fairly consistent year-round. The same demand with a smaller supply means that you might have a decent chance to sell your property at a price you want.

2. Easier To Make A Connection
Decorating the home for the holidays is an American pastime, but imagine what decorating the home could do to make a great first impression. Prospective buyers aren’t simple-minded, but having a warm, emotional connection to a property can never be underestimated when you can make it happen with some lovely lights, a tree and garnish. That “Wowwwwwww!” look as their smiles light up when they see the place is not quickly forgotten and they will appreciate the effort, whether they vocalize that appreciation out loud or not.

3. Tax Benefits
It appears to be a lesser-known advantage of selling in the later months, but the government offers tax breaks with red tape that gets involved. Specifically designed to help properties sell more at the end of the year, the government will provide tax breaks on mortgage interest, private mortgage insurance, property taxes, insurance taxes, and possibly some others which may change each year as tax laws normally do. Especially now in a time of high prices and low inventory, price breaks to own a home make purchasing in November and December a more attractive idea!

If these ideas sound good to you, talk with us about selling your Smoky Mountain home before the end of the year today! Contact us at https://gatlinburghomes.com/sell-your-home/.