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Our All Pro Team

We are ever changing and growing here at All Pro Group to ensure that you get the best outcome; regardless of if you are renting a home, selling or buying a home, renting a storage unit, part of an HOA, or one of our home owners. We have capable hands in the office ready and willing to help you!

Ruth Brewer – Property Manager/Office Manager (Second from Left )

Ruth was born and raised in Tennessee. She is married with four daughters! Miss Ruth is our rental property manager and the lady in charge of the office. Miss Ruth adds sass and enthusiasm to the group! She is an extremely hard worker. Her job duties include, but are not limited to: creating leases and having them signed by tenants, managing every property under our management services, managing the office as needed, and providing overall support to every member of our team! Miss Ruth is a gem and we are so thankful to have her!

Sierra Brewer- Real Estate Assistant(Third from Right)

Sierra arrived on the scene early 2020 after graduating from ETSU. She was born and raised in Sevier County. She shares her home with her doggo named Chaia. Miss Sierra is a real estate assistant to our broker. Her job duties include but are not limited to: managing real estate accounts, managing all forms of social media, preparing all paperwork for real estate transactions, and being a liaison for buyers, sellers, loan officers, and title companies. We are lucky to have someone as witty and eager to please as Miss Sierra!

Wanda Brewer- HOA Management Services (Second from right)

Wanda started working for All Pro in July of 2021. She is from Newport and currently lives in Cosby with her husband Sam. She has a ferocious cat named Shira along with two grown children, Nikki and Bo. She is very experienced with finances and was added to the team to help manage the HOAs. Her job duties include but are not limited to assisting the property manager and assistant property manager, looking over financial reports, invoicing, and being a liaison with HOA boards and owners. We are lucky to have someone as intelligent and fun as Wanda!

Brittany Benight- Property Management and HOA Services (Far right)

Brittany started working for All Pro early of 2022. She lives in Seymour with her husband, daughter, and their loveable zoo that includes ferrets, dogs, and cats. She assists the property manager in her day to day tasks. She also is in charge of several HOAs and does the bookkeeping, invoices, payables and receivables for those properties. We are lucky to have someone who was willing to pick up quickly and fit in with our current team effortlessly!

Melissa Solomon- Receptionist/ Storage Unit Manager (Far left)

Melissa started working for us in April of 2022. She lives in Seymour with her son and husband. She loves loaded teas and has a great attitude! Melissa is in charge of answering and directing phone calls, assisting the office manager in day to day tasks, and managing all of the storage facilities. We are lucky to have someone as happy and ready to work as Melissa!